Let's talk about Romance in English

そこで、Kaori が今までもらった言葉などで、役に立ちそうな文を抜粋させて頂こうと・・・

メールのやり取りの中で特にKaori の場合、You are sweet ! You so lovely ! と言ってもらえた時は か・な・り 嬉しい気持ちになっちゃう!

そう! 言って頂きましょう!!!
I know! honesty is important! what I can tell you is that ....for me honesty is also extremely important..and also loyalty I should say...!


I swear I have never chaeted on her...not even tempted to cheat..not because I'm a saint..not at all...I'm far from perfect...


I don't do to my girlfriend what I wouldn't want her to do to me...


I loved the girl..that is why I wrote that I am capable of giving love...but I have to choose whom to give it to better ...that is my resolution for 2005!


I give more value to love than to adventure...I'd rather spend my time trying to seek love than just sex!


yes I understand fully...I did family law throughtout my whole 9 years as lawyer ..so I understand your fears! If it helps you...I share your fears...but past experiences and previous let-downs should not prevent us from trying again and again!


Not only physical appearance, but I do prefer Japanese beauty to my own race


I love your traditions, your being so sweet and affectionate ..and polite...your sense of decency and honour....but of course I like your beautiful eyes...and black hair....and petite physique...they make me feel a need to protect you....only Japanese women can satisfy this need...it must be genetic in me!


I have enough experience to read in the heart of people!  though a break up is like typhoon...it leaves destruction after it's gone...


How sweet Kaori! you are really a strong woman! Yes...and you will achieve what you want because you are determined きたぁ〜!


as John Lennon puts it: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one!"

ジョン・レノンがそれを表現するように: 「あなたは、私を夢想家であると言うかもしれませんが、、私は唯一無二ではありません!」

Yes it is hard ...and could be lengthy process...but "easier is not always better Kaori-chan"


obviosuly we need more information on each other...and you might not like me physically for example..so I fully understand and agree....


please do not hesitate to ask me any questions


I strongly hope you will find what you've been looking for...I would wish you to be here with me...so I can get to know you better!!!


I would rather spend my time with my girlfriend/wife if I had one that is...I'm not really a part person...I know you may think I'm boring...


I think life is short ..so I should be spending it with the persons I love most and I am absolutely sure that if I find the right girl..I will make my utmost to spend time with her...If I fall in love with someone (who really loves me) it will be forever..that is why I am looking for a Japanese lady....and that is why I was touched by your profile...besides from your beauty of course!!!


your parents must be very sweet people..they are to be congratulated because you appear to have been brought up very well...I can feel love in every single word you write...so you must have been loved...


2004 was exetremly hard for me as well...I guess we share the same destiny me and you...but perhaps ...everything happens for a reason!


yes I know what you mean exactly...we (I mean me and you) have so much to give...but it always happens with the wrong persons...so we get hurt...at times I thought my destiny was to stay alone...but we should not accept things without fighting for them


and believe me..I would be ready to fight for what I believe in...and I always do it...so I don't have much regrets...my motto is.."better have loved and suffered than not to have loved at all"! I really believe in love...

そして、私を信じてください。私は自分が信じているものを守るために争う準備ができているでしょう。そして、私はいつもそれをします。だから、私は後悔はしない。私のモットーは「まったく愛さなかったよりは愛して苦しんだ方がましだ」ということです。 私は本当に愛を信じます。

I know exactly what you mean....sometimes I get impatient...and sometimes I start giving up...but Kaori..hang on...I can't promise you too many things....I only promise what I can really give...but what I can promise is that if we ever meet and somehow get on well together , I will always be there when you need me...and even when you don't need me!


I know it sounds strange from a guy whom you don't know..but I know myself...I can sacrifice myself if need arises...my dad has done that for us..so..you see I have had a good teacher!


I agree...we should never waste our time..and other's...that is why...I liked your profile..it was direct...and very effective...I don't like the Roppongi style Japanese girls who just want to have fun with Westerners...


I would afford to send you over to Japan a few times per year if you wish..


If you are a difficult person...then I'm difficult as well..but it seems that you have the same story as myself! Kaori..I know you don't even know me...but...perhaps ...maybe...we can really get to know each other better! you might like me..and you might not like me....and that can happen to me as well...but I think you're very beautiful ...in all senses from the outside and also from the inside....so there are more chances that we like each other....what do you think???

あなたが気難しい人であるなら、私もまた気難しいです。しかし、あなたには自分と同じようなストーリーがあるように思えます。 Kaori、私は、あなたが私を知ってさえいないのを知っています。しかし、恐らく私たちは互いをわかりあえることができるかもしれません。あなたは私が好きかもしれませんし、私を好きでないかもしれません。そして、また、それは私にもありえることです。しかし、私は、あなたが外部と内部からあらゆる点で非常に美しいと思います。だから、私たちが互いを好きになる可能性がたくさんあります。あなたはどう思いますか?

Kaori....if you were to become my wife...I would leave it up to you whether to work or stay at home....you would not need to work of course - I think I would earn enough for both of us...


what I would be able to promise is that every single minute of free time...I would try and spend it with you....i have no vices...I don't drink..(only socially) ...I sometimes smoke (socially as well) and I spend money on entertainment just because I don't have a girlfriend.

私が約束することが出来るのは、私の自由な時間のすべてをあなたと一緒に過ごすということです。私には、悪が全くありません。私はお酒をお付き合い程度でしか飲みません。 私は時々煙草を吸い、今はガールフレンドがいないので、エンターテインメントにお金を使います。

As I told you .....I would take care of my wife...I would feel resposible....and spend as much time as possible...I happen to travel for business..if it would possible i would take her with me...so she can visit other places...and do shopping!! hahah!! I really don't mind..!


I want a soulmate...a person with whom I can share the good times ..and the bad times...a companion for life...a person I can grow old with....a person who loves me..and whom I love! my better half!


I would want my children to be raised the Japanese way...for example...though I would wish they were baptised...but especially if they are girls...I would want them to be raised as good Japanese girls ....they would obviously learn the traditions of the country we would be living in


...but I'm quite flexible Kaori..so if things wouldn't work out for my wife in my country......I would change country not wife!! I mean Kaori...that if I really love a girl..so much to marry her I would pack everything an leave....that means that I would only be able to teach English in Japan...so I wouldn't be able to work as a lawyer...but for me love is more important than money!!!!

私はかなりフレキシブルです。したがって、もし私の妻が私の国で上手くやっていけなかったら、妻ではなく、住む国を変えます。 私はもしその少女を本当に愛し結婚するためにここを去る準備をするでしょう。それは日本で英語を教えることが出来るということを意味します。弁護士として働くことは出来ないでしょうが、私にとって愛はお金よりも重要なのです。

and about your parents....don't worry...if anything happens...I'm sure that your husband would take care of that....I would for sure....I would spend my last Euro to send you over as soon as possible...and I would take care of you just as your parents woyuld do....they would have given me the opportunity to love and marry their daughter..their greatest gift...so I would have to take care of her...more than i would take care of myself!!!


I strongly hope you will start trusting me a bit more....please believe me Kaori...I'm trying to be as sincere and open with you as possible.... please keep in touch with me.....please do!!!


I'm getting quite curious about you


I'm not asking you about your job to be nosey...just because whatever is part of your life interests me...that's all! I'm interested in you as a person...as a girl...so...my questions are just part of my interest for you ...I hope you understand!


I see..you must have had a good reason...I trust your judgement! so it's a good time to go deeper in our friendship.....because you're not too busy? am I right???


How interesting....what is a wedding specialist?? you mean the organization of weddings the ceremony etc...? interesting.....so you would be able to organise your own..brilliantly I guess!!


you see..even after nearly 9 years of practice..I still have to re-think some of my business strategies..and now I have to make many decisions as well regarding my company....some will be drastic...but when there's a will Kaori there is a way......this applies to all aspects of life....professional and personal...I wish I could help you in some manner....


Yes...it must be funny for you...but I find you quite intriguing...


I know writing in English for Japanese can be exhausting...I can understand that....but it will help you improve your English at least.....


As I told you ....whatever pleases you pleases me..heheh..... Kaori, life is sometimes very strange....and unpredictable...but I guess that is what is really interesting about it! I'm sure you'll find the man of your dreams....well...no one is perfect! so don't expect perfection....! there must be the will to make the relationship work! Parents always worry for us....but finding someone to grow old with is a very important issue.....should be done with great care....!

私があなたに言ったように、あなたを喜ばせることなら何でも私を喜ばせます。Kaori、人生は時々非常に奇妙です。予測できません。しかし、私は、それが本当におもしろいものであると推測します。私はあなたが夢の男性を見つけるのを確信しています。完璧な人間はいないので完全性は期待しないでください。 そこには関係をうまくやっていく意志があるに違いありません。 両親は私たちのためにいつも心配します。しかし、一緒に成長していくだれかを見つけるのは、非常に重要な問題です。細心の注意を払うべきです。

you were married....I never got married because I never found the right one....I guess..... you also mentioned you met different men...but did not work out....may I kindly ask why? If you don't want to answer it's ok I will understand!

あなたは一度結婚しました。私は決して正しい相手に会わなかったので、結婚なかったのだと思います。あなたも異なった男性に会ったが、うまくいかなかった。理由を尋ねてもよいですか? あなたが答えたいと思わないなら、かまいません。私は理解するでしょう。

You'll laugh at my resolutions for this year...heheh..First resolution
Make more money...hehehhe; second resolution..go and live in my apartment for good!; third find a Japanese wife!

あなたは今年の私の決意を笑いとばすでしょう。1番目の決意は より多くのお金を作ること。 2番目の決意は私の持っているアパートに住むこと。3番目は日本人の妻を見つけること。

(彼の恋愛への考え方がどれもkaori の考えと同じなのでそのことを伝えました)
Thanks for appreciating! yes I say what I think....Kaori..I can't give you proof of my honesty over e-mail...that is always a problem for long distance relationship...some people are like wolves in sheep's fleece...what I can tell you is that I wouldn't write all these emails to you if I had not been interested....and if you notice I always reply immediately...


I obviously have other penpals but you appear to be closer to me somehow- I'm liking you best right now....I say nice things to you...in a different way than to other friends...because I must  admit you intrigue me...I am still single..because I haven't found the right girl!


yes i am very choosey....I obviously like Japanese girls..I want a woman who has mature feelings and who is ready to take the plunge with me....


You are a serious lady Kaori..I truly appreciate that. Morality is very important for me....the way a girl behaves is more important than her religion or anything else....you are a sweet and decent girl!

あなたはまじめな女性です。それを本当にうれしく思います。 私にとって、道徳は非常に重要です。少女の立ち振る舞いは彼女の宗教や他の何よりも重要です。あなたは甘くてきちんとした少女です!


What a shame...why do people behave like that..they ruin other people's happiness and lives...You don't deserve all this ....I'm sorry Kaori...so that is why you don't trust easily...I understand and sympathise....


.but please don't be disappointed...even if you don't like me....I'm sure there are many guys who can love you like myself.....My greatest challenge would obviously be to wipe all your tears away and make you happy ...or try to Kaori...and make you forget all this...if only I had the opportunity!!!


What a good wife you would make..Kaori! I'm jealous for the man who will have you as his wife....that is exactly what I've been looking for for the past couple of years...and never found! I love kids...and I always believed they are a blessing!!! I thought I was only intrigued by you...or touched by your profile...but that interest is changing into respect now... yes i would like a marriage like my parents' as well..they've been together for a long time now...and my dad still writes cards and sends flowers to my mum...hehhe

あなたはどんな良い妻になるでしょう、Kaori。私は妻としてあなたをむかえる男性に嫉妬しています。それはまさに私が過去2、3年間探しているもので見つけなかったものです。 私は子供が好きで、いつもそれらが天恵であると信じていました。 私は、ただあなたに好奇心をそそられたか、あなたのプロフィールにひかれていたものだと思っていました。しかし、その関心は現在、敬意に変わっています。 はい、私もまた私の両親のような結婚を望みます。彼らは長い間、一緒にいます。そして、私の父は、今でもカードを書き母にに花を送ります。

I see...I guessed so...unfortunately the Japanese community here is very small...so I guess you rule me out because of this as a potential husband....I'm very sorry..and sad about this...if only I could change it...but I happened to be born here....of course I don't rule out living anywhere else...but...you appear to feel very strongly about this...gommenassai.....


Kaori...all I can tell you is that I'm a very supportive person...but these are just words for you....I know that facts are more important than anything else!!! and you don't know me enough to appreciate that what I'm saying is true!!! oh life is so cruel!!


Even if it were Buddhist it is ok ...I'm tolerant...!


About our wedding ceremony. yes our wedding is Christian of course..in Church with priest...and ave Maria..and a big reception afterwards...between 200 and 300 guests...and is normally held in these Mediaeval Palaces...with small live orchestra...for the more classical weddings

私たち(カトリック教徒)の結婚式。私たちの結婚式はもちろんクリスチャンです。聖職者やアベマリアがいる教会で。後に大きいレセプション、200人から300人の客、そして、通常、Mediaeval Palacesで小さいライブオーケストラと共に行います。よりクラッシックな結婚式のために

Whatever....your impressions about me...Kaori please keep one thing in mind...I'm not a liar...and I'm very reliable!


(kaori means fragrance does it?) I bet you have a very good fragrance...and you appear to have nice skin as well...better stop thinking about it..or my blood starts boiling!!!

kaoriという名前は、芳香を意味しますか? 私は、あなたには非常に良い香りがあると賭けます。そして、あなたは、また、良い皮膚を持っているように見えます。それについて考えるのを止めるほうがよいでしょう。私の血液は沸騰し始めます!

I must say we are really similar in this...at least in this..heheheh..I'm not a time waster...and I'm glad that you are like me in this as well! I'm delightfully surprised Kaori...we are mature and adults...this is not rushing..it's just good timing!

私は、私たちが本当に似ていると言わなければなりません。少なくともこれにおいて。私は時間の浪費家ではありません。そして、私はまた、あなたがこのことにおいて私に似ているのがうれしいです。 私はうれしく驚いています。私たちが熟していて、大人であるので、これは焦っているのではありません。ちょうど良いタイミングなのです。

I used to work very hard..to set up the company...sometimes till 11 pm ...but now...I decided to take it easier...and I also decided that there is more to life than just work...and money..which remain important but not most important...I wouldn't mind making a change...


I would want to see my kids grow up...I want to participate in their lives...and help my future wife to raise them...not let her do it on her own..it's not fair on her...and I would want her to enjoy marriage....I wouldn't want her to consider me or the kids as a burden....I always had this picture of my married life!...I would not consider myself as a lord...I would massage her feet if she's tired...if you know what I mean!!!


Yes direct is better ..as I already said...we are adults..they say they don't want to settle down..perhaps they really mean it...but sometimes they would be bluffing , they would not want to face reality! as you said there are different people all around the world!


that is one of the sentences that attracted me to you ...when I contacted you I knew perfectly what I was doing! I hope you consider me serious enough! I'm a gentleman Kaori... I don't play around with words or people! I just want a true, proper and long lasting relationship with a beautiful Japanese lady....and i don't think I'm asking too much out of life! it is just a matter of finding the right person. And from all the ladies whom I contacted and whom contacted me I found that you are the closest to my model! that's all very simple!

それは私をあなたに引き付けさせた文の1つです。あなたにコンタクトをとった時、私は、私が何をしていたかを完全に知っていました。 私が十分真剣であると考えてください。私は紳士です。私は言葉で人々をいじくり回したりしません。 私は、美しい日本人の女性との真実の、適切で持続的な関係が欲しいとただ思います。そして、私は、人生において贅沢を言っていると思いません。それはただ正しい人を見つけるための事柄なのです。そして私がコンタクトをとり、とられたすべての少女の中であなたが私の抱くモデルに最も近いということがわかりました。それはすべて非常にシンプルなことです。

but you have to know that I am very sweet as a lover but quite aggressive as a businessman.


.I hope you will keep that image....I'll do my best to remain in your good books..heheheh.....


what an enterprising lady...so you're not just beautiful and well educated but also an entrepreneur!! hmmmm.....


Brilliant...I love happy endings....i'm happy for her even if I don't know her...sugoi!!! yes one can learn a lot from other people's experiences....eh you japanese are computer wizards....so you're a matchmaker? as I told you my interest in you is becoming stronger the more I get to know you.....are you giving me small doses of yourself on purpose?


Good idea.....perhaps one day I will write a beautiful story about how I fell in love with my Japanese wife..hmmm


you are a clever girl...I have that opinion about you....


you look gorgeous!!!! stunningly beautiful!!! I really like your long hair..and you have beautiful long fingers!!!i LIKE PETITE GIRLS....you look quite petite and cuddly!! you're sexy anyway Kaori..

あなたはゴージャスです。驚くほど美しい。私は本当にあなたの長い髪が好きです。そして、あなたには、美しい長い指をもっています。私は小柄な少女が好きです。あなたはかなり小柄でかわいく見えます。 あなたはとにかくセクシーです

I'm very appreciative of your customs and I respect your culture..I'm glad you love your traditions...it makes you appear very special and unique to my eyes...probably because you truly are special and unique!!! (*_*)


However, I'm obviously attracted to you physically Kaori...I think you're beautiful...and sweet...it would not make sense if I weren't sexually attracted to you..would it?


Chat からも ピックアップ!

you're sweet Kaori
kaori 君は愛らしいよ

you attracted me....immediately ..and i consider myself as a good guy

I am honest to you

well I wish obviously to be there with you..or that you would be here with me

i'm not American..but I'm a good guy....and i like you....even if you don't want me as your bf...I'm here

eurasian kids are cute
even if you're not sweet all the time...if your husband loves you ..he will love you throughout

i have a fetish as well

i want to make my wife feel she is appreciated

you are a girl to kiss at all times

I like you in general because you are not afraid to admit some thing

I want to be sure about you Kaori....

you are very precious for me..so I don't want to ruin...you..

i want to get to know you better

i want you to know i very attracted to you

i have to be sure that you're ready to be mine ,..just mine

if I had a wife and kids they would always come first

I like you as you are Kaori
私はそのままのKaori が好きです。

i think loving someone like you gives great satisfaction

you're a fabulous woman
how precious you are for me

i would consider her as part of me

I will protect my wife and kids till my last breath

you're the most beautiful creatures on this planet

my japanese wife would be my little princess....

Kaori...if we become a couple...I will take care of everything

i'm not going to leave you on your own


I think...you might make a man happy

if you were here...I would take a week off...and stay with you day and night until you'd be fed up of me
may I tell you something that will make you feel better?

I have very clear idea of what I want in lifeand I am a very determined person

I don't change my aims easily

Japanese girls are completely different from Europeans

i would protect you..like your dad would

i would keep you warm during winters

I would want my gf to be satisfied

what i can tell you is that..if i decide to stay with someone...it would mean I have decided to dedicate my existence to that person

I would strive to make her the happiest woman in th world

you appear to have read my mind or my dream

because you plan and wish same things as me but even details are nearly the same i'm impressed

i only talk serious things with you Kaori..please believe me

i was lucky to have found you

i liked you from your profile..but now i like you a hundred times more

right now you are my priority

I want to become wealthy enough to be able to leave something solid to my wife an children if I die

that is why i bought the flat..instead of renting it..it's an investment

and that's why I want to keep my law firm...

because the name of the law firm is "Xuereb & Vella Advocates" if my children choose to become lawyers their surname would be already known
私の子供が、弁護士になるのを選ぶなら法律事務所の名前が「Xuereb & Vella Advocates」であるので、彼らの姓は既に知られているでしょう。

my greatest achievement in life would be to be a good husband and dad

at least now I know where my heart belongs

I will always discuss with my gf or wife about everything

i would help my japanese wife to preserve her identity

Japan is a great nation with many honourable traditions
if I would be at work I would call you to see if everything is ok

I am very careful and prudent person

i can never get angry with you

Kaori...I would like you to come here and live with me.....

you have to judge whether I'm a nice man and husband

i always wanted someone like you

you will feel all my love and my passion Kaori

i don't want to lose you..i want to marry you

I want successful relationship

I like spoiling you don't worry...

I give attention but I need attention as well

in the first phase of the relation there is more passion....and then real love takes over and the couple who become really in love start having much more respect than passion....

i think I have never had someone so similar to me like you

do you think you can love someone forever?

If I'm with you my mind will be focused on you

when you become my gf I would want the whole world to know

when you become really my gf....I would tell everyone that you are my gf

I wish you became my gf

you need not be jealous ...I'm loyal Kaori....but I want you to be abit jealous of me...I like that

i think I have a very good sexual appetite but I don't need to have many girls etc..

you are beautiful and smart but you would be smarter if you had me as a bf

I am very calm and reasonable man


I like this aspect of Kaori

Kaori....I am honest person....I don't want you to live in a state of worry

i want you to be happy and i think I can make you happy

how sweet you are

I have eyes only for you

if we trust each other,....and argue and discuss like we did today...our relationship will be happy

arguing is not wrong.it means that we are mature enough to argue and accept each other's differences.I'm sure that we will argue....again....but we will both know that we still care about each other. because even if I was angry (and please forgive me for having been angry) I still cared about you...

I'm faithful...and affectionate...

a gentleman should never make a princess wait for him

when we fight ....I might sometimes start laughing...it's just my way of dealing with the tension...don't get offended

hurting each other does not solve problems

I don't want to be second best

i love chatting with you because you are sweet and intelligent

I sometimes concentrate more on love than on work...

I promise that I will do my best Kaori

I hope that if everything goes well for us....I will be able to thank your parents personally for
having brought you in this world


my happiness will also depend on how happy I can make you I think

you are very precious for me

if i start loving the girl I want her to be just mine

I want to be the centre of my gf's life


you should understand you are possessive as well

Kaori....I treat you like I would treat a delicate flower


i want to show you what kind of man I am

i want to be sure that when you go to sleep tonight you will have happiness in your heart that someone really cares about you

I am getting addicted to you..Kaori

I'm nearly 100% sure...that you are my type....

you can lean on me

you are exceptional

i tried calling you yesterday i was really missing you

I think a relationship is based on trust

i can't concentrate on my work otherwise

i want to build a strong relationship with you Kaori...you are not an adventure for me

so for me you are not just a japanese girl..who is going to visit me...you are much more than that...
so I don't want to make mistakes with you...I want to make this happen


we are very lucky Kaori...we found each other at the right moment

this chance could never come again so perfect in our lives

i strongly hope we will fall in love with each other


love is the product of timing and circumstances, opportunity and chemistry

don't forget that you are very much loved by me
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